Custom branded doubled walled vacuum bottles are amongst the most popular selling promotional products, and for good reason. They have year-round versatility in being able to keep cold drinks cold and for 12+ hours and hot drinks hot for 6-8 + hours!

Add in the large print area available, and you have lots of messaging options that go well beyond a typical brand awareness campaign common to a lot of promotional products.

Did you realize that education promotional items can be used in a diversity of ways? They can! Just consider how promotional items for education professionals or groups might be put to use:

  • They can show appreciation to parents or teachers
  • They can welcome students back to school
  • Education promotional items can be used for fundraising or support activities (i.e. supporting a sports team or club within a school)
  • Promotional items for education professionals and organizations can be ...

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Now more than ever before, the world needs IT or information technology experts. The competition between these professionals, however, is fierce, and so any sort of marketing efforts must be made in order to win new clients or retain existing ones. The option for handing out information technology promotional items is one not to be missed.

In fact, promotional items for information technology firms and professionals are among the easiest to choose effectively because they usually hit one of the key criteria easily. Which of ...

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